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veg Hummus Trilogy 285
Classic chick pea with pimento, beetroot hummus and kidney beans with roasted garlic, a twist to the original Arabic delicacy served with olives, toasted pita and vegetable crudités
veg Greek Salad 265
Dices of cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives, parsley, feta cheese, vinaigrette dressing
veg Mediterranean Salad 295
Marinated roasted peppers, zucchini, eggplant, onions, olives with balsamic dressing
veg Caesar Salad 265
Iceberg lettuce tossed with chopped parsley, parmesan, vegetarian Caesar dressing, horseradish, garlic croutons
veg Pasta Insalate 265
Penne pasta with capsicum, onion, mushroom and American corn in a garlic and lemon vinaigrette dressing served on a bed of greens
veg Fattoush 265
Green vegetables and crispy pita bread in a lemon and olive oil dressing
veg Portuguese Salad 265
Assorted vegetables tossed in a kasundi mustard flavoured mayonnaise
veg Summer Green Salad 265
Lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, bean sprouts and green olives in a vinaigrette dressing
veg Thai Glass Noodle Salad 265
Transparent noodles tossed with carrots, spring onion, bean sprouts, tangy dressing
veg Som Tam Salad 265
Raw papaya, spiced peanut, cucumber, cilantro with a spicy Thai dressing
veg Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup 180
Basil scented rich tomato soup
veg Mushroom Cappuccino 190
A creamy puree of Mushrooms, seasoned to perfection
veg Broccoli Cheese Soup 190
Broccoli puree blended with cheese and cream
veg Asparagus Soup 190
A silky smooth soup flavoured with tender asparagus
veg Minestrone Soup 190
Italy’s contribution to the world of soups, tomato, vegetable with Diced Pasta
veg Zuppa Di Tortilla 190
A mild Mexican soup with crushed tortilla
veg Mexican Chilli Bean Soup 190
Classic Mexican spicy soup
veg Sweet Corn Lemongrass Soup 190
Creamy corn with a twist
veg Asian Vegetable Soup 190
A south-east Asian specialty with garden fresh vegetables and spinach
veg Clear Vegetable Soup 180
A classic oriental broth with vegetables and pakchoy
veg Burmese Thupka 190
Noodles and vegetables in a thick broth
veg Tom Yum Veg 180
Spicy vegetable soup, a delicacy of Thailand
veg Lemon Coriander Soup 180
Chinese cabbage, pakchoy and babycorn in a broth flavoured with ginger, garlic and lemon
veg Manchow Soup 180
The all time favourite Chinese soup
veg Macaroni, Potato And Thyme Cutlets 295
Served With Garlic Aioli
veg Cheesy Corn Fritters 295
Crushed American corn, cheddar and chilli flakes, served with coriander chilli dip
veg Potato Skins 295
Large Potato shells fried golden brown, filled with vegetables, green onions, cheese and parsley; Served with sour cream and salsa dip
veg Creamy Nachos 295
Crispy corn tortilla chips topped with cheese sauce
veg Alfredo Corn Nachos 315
Crispy corn tortilla chips with Alfredo corn and topped with cheese sauce
veg Chilli Bean Nachos 315
Crispy corn tortilla chips with refried beans, jalapenos and topped with cheese sauce
veg House Nachos 325
Crispy corn tortilla chips served with mixed cheddar cheese, sour cream, chopped green onions, Pico De Gallo, jalapenos, and a side of roadhouse salsa
veg Special Nachos 335
Crispy corn tortilla chips with cottage cheese, assorted peppers and topped with cheese sauce
veg Hot Pot Nachos 340
Beans, corn, black olives, tossed together; served on a bed of creamy nachos and baked with cheese
veg Jamaican Cottage Cheese 295
Cottage cheese cubes tossed in a tangy barbeque sauce
veg Zucchini Roulade 295
Zucchini slices stuffed with cottage cheese and rolled; served with pesto sauce
veg Spicy Cheesy Qhaboos 295
Lebanese qhaboos stuffed with onions, tomatoes, cheese and chillies
veg Cottage Cheese Brochette 395
Herb marinated cubes of Paneer, grilled on skewers and served with tomato relish
veg Mexican Platter 525
Tacos, Mexican Bhel, Cheese Corn Fritters and Tortilla Chips with cheese
veg Cheese Platter 525
Assortment of cheese served with crackers and condiments
veg Cheese Fondue 295
A classic Swiss specialty; melted cheese sauce with toasted bread and vegetables
veg Vegetable Dimsum 295
The all time favourite dumplings with a mixed vegetable filling, steamed to perfection
veg Babycorn Tofu and Chestnut In Honey Chilli Sauce 310
Sweet n spicy crunchy chestnuts, mushrooms and babycorn
veg Paneer Satay 310
Paneer batons on skewers, grilled and served with peanut sauce
veg Thai Style Cottage Cheese 310
Cubes of cottage cheese, fried and tossed with a coconut based Thai sauce
veg Cheese Chilli Dynamic 310
Cheese dumplings with a sweet and spicy flavour
veg Thai Dragon Roll 310
Roll loaded with red cabbage, bell peppers and cottage cheese; served with Thai sauce
veg Korean Style Roll 295
A roll filled with coconut flavoured assorted vegetables; crumb fried to perfection
veg Kafir Lime Scented Thai Corn Cakes 295
Irresistible corn cakes infused with kafir lime
veg Cottage Cheese Tossed In Choice Of Sauces 295
Schezwan / Chilli Oyster/ Hot Garlic / Shanghai
veg Peking Mushroom 295
Stuffed mushroom served with spicy dip
veg Black Bean Chilli Tofu 295
Spiced chunks of bean curd, flavoured with black beans, not for the mild hearted
veg Schezwan / Shanghai Baby Potatoes 295
Perfectly crisped baby potatoes tossed with Schezwan / Shanghai sauce
veg Humpty Dumpty 295
Crispy vegetable balls and French fries tossed in a tangy and spicy sauce
veg Bhurvan Paneer Peshawari Tikka 295
Big dices of Paneer stuffed with our special filling, cooked in tandoor
veg Paneer Tulsi Kebab 295
Paneer marinated in pesto sauce and served on a bed of tandoori salad
veg Bhurvan Malai Kumbh 295
Button Mushrooms filled with paneer and cooked in the tandoor
veg Cheese Chilli Seekh 295
Paneer, cheese and chilli, a mouth watering combination
veg Broccoli Paneer Malai Seekh 295
Cottage cheese and broccoli puree blended together with delicate spices, skewered in a tandoor
veg Tandoori Bhurvan Aloo 280
Potato shells filled with paneer and nuts, cooked in the tandoor
veg Achari Paneer Tikka 295
Paneer marinated with pickled spices cooked in tandoor
veg Zaituni Hariyali Seekh 295
Minced Vegetables With Indian Spices Coated With Olives Char Grilled In Oven, Served With Tomato Garlic Chutney
veg Paneer Kalimiri Kebab 310
Paneer kebabs with a punch of black pepper
veg Makai Methi Tikki 295
Corn, fenugreek and potato cakes, perfectly grilled
veg Palak Mutter ki Tikki 295
Spinach and green peas dumplings, grilled to perfection
veg Chole Tikki 295
Grilled Chick pea cakes served with a tangy chutney
veg Lasooni Gobhi Kebab 310
Florets of cauliflower, flavoured with garlic and cooked in the tandoor
veg Vegetable Kebab Platter 375
An assortment of Achari Paneer Tikka, Paneer Kalimiri Kebabs, Lasooni Gobhi Kebab, Broccoli Paneer malai seekh and Tandoori Aloo
veg Charmoula Cottage Cheese Steak 370
Moroccan style grilled cottage cheese spiced with coriander, cumin, peppers, ginger and lemon, served with aubergine and pepper relish
veg Baked Vegetable Mornay 370
Exotic vegetables bound in creamy cheese sauce and baked
veg Jamaican Curried Vegetables 355
Spring vegetables stewed in a rich coconut and cream curry
veg Flag’s Special Ratatouille 360
Eggplant, bell peppers, mushrooms, squash, onions, herb tomato sauce
veg Cottage Cheese with Trio of Pepper Sauce 370
Grilled cottage cheese steak, served with three pepper flavoured sauce
veg Marakkesh Vegetable Tagine 370
Vegetables in a cardamom laced sauce, served with couscous
veg Funghi Malibu 370
Assorted mushrooms in a coconut and wine flavoured sauce
veg Enchiladas 360
Soft Corn tortilla filled with refried beans ,corn and cheese topped with chilli pepper sauce and baked with cheese, served with guacamole and sour cream
veg Special Enchiladas 370
Soft Corn tortilla filled with exotic vegetables, peppers and cheese, topped with chilli pepper sauce and baked with cheese, served with guacamole and sour cream
veg Lasagne Verduras 375
Layers of lasagne sheets, white sauce, minced vegetables topped with cheese baked
veg Penne Primavera 375
Penne tossed with vegetables in a creamy tomato sauce with cheese oven baked
veg Fusion Pasta in Classic Thai Sauce 375
Assorted Pasta in dual sauce with mixed vegetables and cheese
veg Spinach And Feta Cheese Ravioli 375
Homemade ravioli stuffed with feta cheese and spinach tossed in rich Alfredo sauce
veg Fussily Paprika 375
Fussily tossed in alfredo sauce with red peppers, paprika and thyme
veg Spiced Penne Supremo 375
Penne with chilli flakes, olives and seasonal vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce flavoured with white sauce
veg Chilli Corn Macaroni 375
Macaroni, American corn and chillies cooked in a creamy marinara sauce and baked with cheese
veg Spaghetti Marinara 375
Spaghetti tossed in rich tomato and basil sauce
veg Choice of pasta in your choice of Sauce 375
- Penne / Macaroni / Spaghetti / Fussily - Alfredo Sauce / Pesto Sauce / Tomato Concasse
veg Risotto in your choice of Sauce 360
- Creamy Risotto with assortment of mushrooms / mixed vegetables / plain- Cream sauce / Spicy Tomato sauce / Herbed Pesto sauce
veg Spanish Paella 360
Spanish long grain rice cooked with saffron, olive oil and vegetables
veg Spicy Italian Rice 360
Rice cooked with diced vegetable in spicy creamy marinara sauce topped with parmesan cheese
veg Moroccan Rice 360
Saffron flavoured rice with a five spice sauce
veg Vegetable Couscous 355
Couscous flavoured with bell peppers, chilli flakes and olives
veg Bruschetta 295
veg French Fries 190
veg Potato Wedges 210
veg Grilled Herb Mushrooms 225
veg Garlic Bread 235
veg Cheesy Garlic Bread 260
veg Crositini 295
veg Continental Bread Basket 295
veg Seasonal Sauté Vegetables 260
PIZZA (All our Pizzas are 9” and served thin crust)
veg Margherita 425
Sliced Tomatoes and Basil
veg B.B.Q. Mushroom 425
B.B.Q. Mushroom, Spring Onion and Capsicum
veg Fab Five 425
Capsicum, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Pineapple and Broccoli
veg Flag's Classic 425
Red Pepper, Tomatoes, Green Olives, Paprika and Mozzarella Cheese
veg Tangy Tikka 445
Onion, Jalapenos and Paneer Tikka
veg Spice Feast 445
Coloured Bell Peppers, Baby Corn, Olives, and Spicy Jalapenos
veg Cajun Cottage Cheese 445
Cajun Spiced Cottage Cheese, Grilled Onion, Roasted Peppers and Spring Onions
veg Greek 445
Bell Peppers, Olives, Baby Corn and Feta Cheese Drizzled with Greek Dressing
veg Quatre Stagioni 445
Bell Peppers, Baby Corn, Broccoli, Mushroom Basil and Corn
veg Mediterranean 445
Olive, Aubergines and Sundried Tomatoes
veg Olive Three Cheese (House Top Seller) 495
Green Olives, Black Olives, Thyme, With Feta, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese
veg Mexican Sheriff 495
Spicy Salsa, Onion, Refried Beans, American Corn and Jalapenos
veg Cottage Cheese Pesto 495
Cottage Cheese Pesto Grilled Bell Peppers and Tomatoes
veg Silk Route 495
Paneer Chilly, Sichuan Tofu and Capsicum
veg Extra Toppings (each) Choose from 60
veg Ba Bao La Jiang 295
Chinese treasure vegetables stir fried in hot yellow bean sauce
veg Kung Pao Vegetables 295
Mushrooms, bell peppers and baby corn with ginger, dry red chillies and cashew nuts in soya sauce
veg Phad Priew Wan Pe 295
Thai sweet and sour vegetables
veg Massaman Curry 295
Aromatic curry from the south of Thailand
veg Peking Veggies In B.B.Q. Sauce 325
Assorted vegetables tossed in a B.B.Q. Sauce
veg Thai Vegetable Curry Your Style Red/Green/Yellow 325
Exotic vegetables in a coconut cream based curry with a hint of Galangal, Lemongrass, and Sweet Basil
veg Khowsuey 355
An authentic preparation of Burmese curry with vegetables and noodles
veg Stir Fried Vegetables In Your Choice Of Sauce 325
Black bean / Chilli Oyster / Five spice/ Black Pepper /Schezwan
veg Five Treasure Vegetables in Hunan Sauce 295
Flavour of ginger, garlic, onion, dates and soy sauce
veg Cottage Cheese and Vegetables in Ginger Sauce 295
White Sauce with a predominant flavour of ginger
veg Fried Rice 225
Schezwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysian /Plain Veg
veg Basil Fried Rice 275
Beans sprouts, carrot, tomato, bean & fresh basil tossed in Thai green sauce
veg Thai Fried Rice 295
Red and yellow peppers, bean, red cabbage, cottage cheese and cashew nut tossed with basil
veg Pot Rice 320
Thai preparation of aromatic rice served in pot
veg Nasi Goreng 295
Spicy fried rice tossed with chilli oil and vegetables
veg Moon Faan Rice 295
Flavoured with five spice
veg Noodles 225
Hakka / Chilly Garlic / Sichuan
veg Lomein 295
Soft noodles in butter light soya sauce with vegetables
veg Malaysian Noodle 295
Flat noodles with bean sprouts, bell pepper & spinach
veg Thai Chilly Noodle 295
Noodles tossed with red pepper, capsicum, cabbage, chilly & spring onion
veg Yaki Soba 320
Japanese noodles in light gravy with choice of vegetables like Pakhcoy, Broccoli, Mushroom, Babycorn, Carrots, Beans, Cauliflower, Asparagus, or Tofu
veg Bahmi Goreng 275
Spicy noodles tossed with Vegetables, Bahmi Goreng paste, red chilli paste, ketchup and chilly oil
veg Paneer Hussainy 285
Paneer cubes cooked with peppers in a skewer in rich tomato gravy
veg Paneer Tikka Lababdar 285
Cottage cheese cooked in a rich tomato and onion gravy
veg Paneer Kadhai 285
Cottage cheese cubes, onion and capsicum cooked with Indian spices in an iron wok
veg Paneer Kachha Pakka Masala 285
Two style paneer cubes cooked in a rich gravy
veg Paneer Makhanwala 285
Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a rich tomato and butter based gravy
veg Malai Kofta Curry 285
Stuffed cottage cheese dumplings, cooked in a rich creamy gravy
veg Vegetable Kofta Curry 275
Minced Vegetable Dumplings cooked in a mildly spiced gravy
veg Palak Your Style 250
Choose from Lasooni paneer / Aloo / Dhingri
veg Dum Mirch Makkai 260
Salan Mirchi, capsicum, Babycorn and American corn cooked in masala on “Dum”
veg Subz Meloni Tarkari 260
Assorted vegetables and cottage cheese cooked in rich spinach cashew gravy
veg Subz Makhanwala 260
Assorted vegetables cooked in a rich tomato and butter based gravy
veg Subz Kadhai 260
Assorted vegetables, onion and capsicum cooked with Indian spices in an iron wok
veg Subz Diwani Handi 260
Assorted vegetables cooked in chef’s secret spice mix in a rich gravy
veg Subz Zafrani Masala 260
Assorted vegetables cooked a mildly spiced gravy flavoured with saffron
veg Aloo Ke Dulmeh 255
Potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese and dry fruit filling cooked in rich tomato gravy
veg Pindi Channa 245
Chick peas cooked in pomegranate seeds and pepper gravy
veg Nimona 260
Lucknowi speciality mushy green peas with spices
veg Dal Makhani 245
Black dal cooked overnight with butter and cream
veg Dal Desi Tadka 245
Yellow lentils tempered with garlic, cumin and chillies
veg Dal Malika 245
Yellow lentils tempered with cloves and ghee
veg Dal Lasooni Palak 245
Yellow lentils and spinach flavoured with garlic and tempered to perfection
veg Steam Rice 150
veg Dry Fruit Pulao 215
veg Kashmiri Pulao 215
veg Subz Dum Biryani 250
veg Roti 30
veg Butter Roti 35
veg Naan 35
veg Butter Naan 40
veg Paratha/Butter Paratha/Methi Paratha 35/40/40
veg Kulcha: Plain / Paneer 40/45
veg Indian Bread Basket 180
veg Masala Papad 35
veg Roast Papad 20
veg Green Salad 190
veg Raita -Boondi/Mix Veg/Cucumber/Aloo/Burani 140
veg Plain Yoghurt 75
nonveg Prawn Malibu  425
Marinated prawns with coconut flavoured mayonnaise
nonveg Smoked Chicken Salad  375
With mesclun, orange segments and green apple and walnuts, sherry vinaigrette
nonveg Hawain Salad with Chicken / Prawns  375/425
Roast chicken cubes ,pineapple dices, peppers, mayonnaise
nonveg Flag’s Caesar Salad Chicken / Prawns  375/425
Crispy iceberg lettuce, garlic, croutons, parsley, Caesar dressing, anchovies
nonveg Chicken Chaat  375/425
Tandoori chicken shreds mixed with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers; Served in tangy chutney, served chilled
nonveg Cream of Chicken Soup  235
Cubes of chicken in a creamy broth
nonveg Mushroom Chicken Cilantro Soup  235
A thick broth of chicken with a cilantro flavoured mushroom coulis
nonveg Saffron Seafood Soup  235
Saffron flavoured broth with fish and prawn
nonveg Spicy Crabmeat Soup  260
Shredded crabmeat in a thick spiced broth
nonveg Tom Yum Chicken / Prawn  235/260
Spicy chicken / prawn soup, a delicacy of Thailand
nonveg Tom Kha Chicken  235
Thai coconut flavoured broth with chicken
nonveg Chicken Egg drop Soup  235
Shredded chicken in a thick broth with egg
nonveg Chicken Egg drop Soup  235
Shredded chicken in a thick broth with egg
nonveg Hot & Sour Chicken  235
Fiery combination of black pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, shredded chicken and egg
nonveg Cajun Fish Fingers  360
Sliced fish marinated with Cajun spices and fried; served with a honey mustard dip
nonveg Grilled Butter Garlic Prawns  525
Butterfly cut prawns with shell grilled and flavoured with garlic butter
nonveg Chicken Olivette  375
Marinated supreme of chicken wrapped around an olive served with chilli mayo
nonveg Lemon Thyme Chicken  375
Char grilled chicken, flavour of lemon and thyme; served with bell pepper mayonnaise
nonveg Tangy Chicken Curls  375
Chicken roulade with a spinach and mushroom stuffing; with a tangy balsamic jus
nonveg Texas Chicken Wings  375
Texas style marinated chicken wings served with harisa
nonveg Pesto Coriander Prawns 525
Prawns marinated with Coriander Pesto and grilled
nonveg Fish Taponata  445
Fish tempura tossed with a delectable mix of olives, chillies and garlic
nonveg Chicken Nachos  360
Crispy corn tortilla chips with spiced chicken and topped with cheese sauce
nonveg Lamb Nachos  375
Crispy corn tortilla chips with herbed lamb mince and topped with cheese
nonveg Fish In Black Pepper Sauce  445
Crispy fried fish tossed with garlic, soy and peppercorn
nonveg Crispy Fish Chilli Wild Pepper 445
Crispy fried sliced fish tossed with garlic, Schezwan peppercorns
nonveg Prawn Tempura  525
Golden fried Prawn with chilli coriander dip and mesclun salad
nonveg Butter Chilli Garlic Prawns  525
Crispy prawns tossed with butter, garlic and Schezwan peppercorns
nonveg Threaded Chicken  445
Marinated chicken supreme topped with crispy threads of wonton
nonveg Crackling Herb Chicken  445
Crispy chicken coated with crunchy cornflakes
nonveg Chicken Yakitori  445
Char grilled chicken with ginger, sake, soya ,mirin and pepper
nonveg Chicken Satay – Thai/Korean/Malaysian  445
- Your choice of marination for succulent chicken on skewers
nonveg Oriental Crispy Lamb  495
Shredded lamb marinated with chilli and garlic fried crisp
nonveg Chicken Dimsum  375
Steamed chicken dumplings
nonveg Prawn Dimsum  445
Dumplings with a minced prawn filling steamed to perfection
nonveg Mahi Angara Amritsari  425
Cubes of fish, marinated in red chilli, selected spices and char-grilled in a tandoor
nonveg Tandoori Pomfret  695
Pomfret ,marinated with tandoori spices cooked in an Indian clay oven
nonveg Koliwada Machhi / Jhinga  460/560
A Mumbai Koliwada specialty; carom seed flavoured spicy fritters
nonveg Koliwada Machhi / Jhinga  460/560
A Mumbai Koliwada specialty; carom seed flavoured spicy fritters
nonveg Lasooni Malai Jhinga 560
Mildly spiced prawns coated with creamy garlic marinade, cooked in tandoor
nonveg Koliwada Murgh 410
A Mumbai Koliwada specialty; carom seed flavoured spicy fritters
nonveg Murgh Mirch Masala 410
Stir-fried chunks of chicken, flavoured with a fiery blend of spices
nonveg Nimbooda Murgh 410
Lemon flavoured chicken, Indian style
nonveg Chicken Tikka Lal Mirch / Hariyali / Sufiyani / Achari / Kabuli 425
Succulent morsels of chicken marinated with your selection of red masala / green masala / yellow aniseed / pickle spices / cheesy cream
nonveg Tandoori Murg Full/Half 460/250
The all time favourite “King of Kebabs”, Indian clay oven-grilled
nonveg Roti Pe Boti 460
Indian style canapé with mildly spiced roasted chunks of lamb
nonveg Gilafi Seekh Kebab 460
Lamb mince kebabs topped with boiled egg and coloured peppers cooked in tandoor
nonveg Mutton Kheema Toastie 460
Spicy lamb mince on toast gratinated with cheese
nonveg Mutton Kheema Toastie 460
Spicy lamb mince on toast gratinated with cheese
nonveg Non Vegetarian Kebab Platter 750
Assortment of chicken haryali tikka, lalmirch tangdi kebab, lasooni malai jhinga, gilafi seekh kebab, fish angara
nonveg Homemade Spiced Fish & Chips  475
Good old fish & chips with a twist of homemade spice mix
nonveg Saffron Foam Grilled Pomfret  695
Marinated grilled pomfret served with butter parsley rice and a pepper coulis
nonveg Garlic Bay Prawns  545
Herb marinated prawns served with mushroom risotto, asparagus and tossed vegetables
nonveg Jerk Chicken  445
West Indian chicken skewers cooked on a char grill served with roast jus ,broccoli & potato wedges
nonveg Sheesh Taouk  445
Arabic style chicken marinated with garlic, yoghurt marination served with pita bread and garlic Tahina sauce
nonveg Pink Pepper Chicken  475
Diced Chicken in a pink pepper jus; served with herb rice and sautéed vegetables
nonveg Classic Tulus Chicken 475
Chicken and mushrooms in a garlic pepper sauce; served with parsley rice and sautéed vegetables
nonveg Enchiladas au Pollo  495
Soft Corn tortilla filled with marinated chicken mince and cheese topped with chilli pepper sauce and baked with cheese, served with guacamole and sour cream
nonveg Lamb Fajita  445
Succulent juliennes of lamb with onion and bell peppers flavoured with Arabic spices
nonveg Lamb Nachos  375
Crispy corn tortilla chips with herbed lamb mince and topped with cheese
nonveg New Zealand Lamb Chops  799
Succulent grilled lamb chops served with red wine jus ,wasabi potato mash, wilted spinach and baby carrots
nonveg Norwegian Salmon 780
Pink salmon served your style with mashed potatoes or couscous and crunchy greens - Grilled in dill pernod marination- Pan seared in Chilli, basil, olive marinade
nonveg Oriental  515
Oyster tomato sauce, prawns, spring onions, mushrooms, tofu ,mozzarella
nonveg Seekh Kebab Pizza  515
Marinated chicken seekh kebab, onions, mint and coriander chutney
nonveg Chicken Feast  515
Roast chicken, olives ,onions, peppers, mushroom, mozzarella
nonveg Barbeque Chicken  515
Spicy barbeque chicken, red peppers, olives ,bbq sauce, mozzarella
nonveg Chicken Tikka  515
Chicken tikka, green chilli, onions, capsicum, cilantro, mozzarella
nonveg Pizza Indianna  515
Lamb mince, onions, green chilli , olives ,cilantro, mozzarella
nonveg Chicken Pepperoni  525
Chicken salami, olives, parsley, mushrooms, parmesan
nonveg Flags Meaty Pizza  525
Chicken sausages, chicken ham dices, roast chicken, olives, onions, peppers , mozzarella
nonveg Extra Toppings (each)  60
Choose from Pizza Cheese / Olives / Capers / Jalapeno / Olive Oil
nonveg Fish Pla Rad Pric  485
Crispy Thai fish with oyster coriander sauce, Thai pickles, fried rice
nonveg Stir Fried Sliced Fish  485
With your choice of sauce Schezwan / Hot Garlic / Soya Ginger/ Black Bean Sauce / Oyster Coriander / Garlic Spring Onion / Coconut Sauce
nonveg Massaman Fish Curry 545
Aromatic curry from the south of Thailand
nonveg Prawns in Peanut Sauce 695
A delectable combination of peanuts and spices
nonveg Wok cooked King Prawns 695
With your choice of sauce Schezwan / Hot Garlic / Soya Ginger/ Black Bean Sauce / Oyster Coriander / Garlic Spring Onion / Coconut Sauce
nonveg Chicken in Five Spice Sauce 495
A delicate combination of five spices
nonveg Chinese Style Wok Tossed Chicken 445
With your choice of sauce Schezwan / Hot Garlic / Soya Ginger/ Black Bean Sauce / Oyster Coriander / Garlic Spring Onion / Coconut Sauce
Thai Curry Your Style Red/Green/Yellow
nonveg Chicken 475
nonveg Prawn 550
nonveg Fish 525
nonveg Chicken Fried Rice 365
Schezwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysian / Egg
nonveg Prawn Fried Rice 395
Schezwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysian / Egg
nonveg Mixed Fried Rice 370
Schezwan / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysian / Egg
nonveg Thai Chicken Fried Rice 375
Chicken, bell peppers, tossed with basil and red / green Thai curry
nonveg Chicken Pot Rice 375
Thai preparation of aromatic rice served in pot
nonveg Nasi Goreng 395
Spicy fried rice tossed with chilli oil and prawns
nonveg Chicken Moon Faan Rice 375
Flavoured with five spice
nonveg Chicken Noodles 365
Hakka / Chilly Garlic / Sichuan
nonveg Prawn Noodles 395
Hakka / Chilly Garlic / Sichuan
nonveg Malaysian Noodles with Chicken / Prawn 375/415
Flat noodles with bean sprouts and bell peppers
nonveg Chicken / Prawn Bahmi Goreng 375/415
Spicy noodles tossed with Chicken / prawn, Bahmi Goreng paste, red chilli paste, ketchup and chilly oil
nonveg Goan Fish / Prawn Curry 495/595
Fiery curry from Goa
nonveg Tawa Masala Fish / Prawn 495/595
Marinated fish or prawn cooked on a griddle
nonveg Lucknowi Murgh Khada Masala 425
Lucknowi Style chicken cooked with whole Indian spices
nonveg Makhani Chuzey 475
Tender chunks of chicken cooked in a tomato gravy and delicately spiced
nonveg Bhuna Murgh 445
Tender chicken sautéed to perfection in a brown gravy
nonveg Murgh Tikka Masaledar 475
Succulent Chicken tikka tossed ia rich tomato gravy
nonveg Murgh Kabuli Tangdi Lazeez 495
A mildly spiced Afghani delicacy; enriched with cream, cheese and cashewnuts
nonveg Chicken Chettinad 475
Tender chicken cooked with delicate spices from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu
nonveg Rara Gosht 515
Delectable lamb preparation from the Awadh region of Northern India
nonveg Laal Maas 515
A lamb specialty from the desserts of Rajasthan
nonveg Shahi Mutton Khorma  515
Fiercely spicy Moghlai lamb preparation
nonveg Handi ka Gosht  515
Lamb specialty from the Vidharbh region, cooked in a delicate mix of spices
nonveg Mutton Roganjosh  515
Fiery red Kashmiri lamb curry
nonveg Bhuna Kadhai Gosht  515
Lamb sauteed with Indian Spices in an Indian style wok
Steam Rice  150
Subz Pulao/ Jeera Pulao/Peas Pulao  190
Dry Fruit Pulao  215
Kashmiri Pulao  215
Subz Dum Biryani  250
nonveg Murgh Dum Biryani  425
nonveg Mutton Dum Biryani  475
nonveg Prawn Dum Biryani  495
Roti 30
Butter Roti 35
Naan 35
Butter Naan 40
Paratha/Butter Paratha/Methi Paratha 35/40/40
Kulcha: Plain / Paneer 40/45
Indian Bread Basket 180
nonveg Kheema Naan 125
Masala Papad 35
Roast Papad 20
Green Salad 190
Raita -Boondi/Mix Veg/Cucumber/Aloo/Burani 140
Plain Yoghurt 75
Warm Apple Crumble  235
Served with vanilla ice-cream
Sizzling Hot Chocolate Brownie  265
Hot brownie topped with hot chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and chopped cashew nuts
Sizzling Banana Split With New School Brownie  265
Split banana on a base of brownie topped with ice cream chocolate sauce and nuts
Kentucky Jam Cake Slice  265
Traditional cake made with jam , topped and layered with caramel cream icing
Signature 12 Layer Chocolate Slice cake  265
A heritage recipe from Georgia U.S.A
Tiramisu  265
Traditional coffee flavoured, mascarpone cheese , Italian dessert
Double Chocolate Mousse  265
Duo of Dark and milk chocolate
Flags Sundae  225
Dollops of three different flavours of ice cream, chocolate fudge, strawberry sauce, chopped nuts, fresh whipped cream and cherry
Pastry Of The Day  225
Ask your captain for the Chef’s special pastry for the day
Orange Glazed Honey Noodles  265
Crispy fried flat noodles tossed with orange and honey glaze and served with vanilla ice cream
Kulfi (Malai/Kesari/Pista)  165
Zauk-E Shahi  250
Mocktails and Soft Beverages
Tall & Cool
Jade Garden  220
Refreshing with pineapple, Khus, lime and lemonade
Strawberry Sunrise  220
A tangy thirst buster of strawberry and orange
Mexican Tango  220
Hot & sweet energizer of orange, pineapple and carrots with chopped jalapenos and fresh coriander
Tropical Itch  220
Tall & cool with Khus, ginger lime, litchi & lemonade
Cucumber Mint cooler  210
Fresh Cucumber muddled with mint and topped with fizzy lime
Kokum Sour  200
Mix of Kokum & orange, sweet & sour
Flavoured Lemonades  200
green apple, watermelon, blueberry, passion, cotton candy
Iced Tea  200
lime, mint, peach, strawberry, mango, orange, butterscotch, cinnamon
Flavoured Lassi
Litchi and Rose Lassi  165
Litchi with the essence of fresh rose, blended with yoghurt
Banana and Caramel Lassi  165
Banana and Caramel fused with yoghurt - a real delight
Strawberry Chocolate Lassi  175
Sinful stir of yogurt with strawberry laced with divine chocolate
Peanut Butter Lassi  175
Chocolate & peanut butter blend with vanilla & yoghurt
Aam Panha  175
Raw mango infused with cool mint and spices
Frozen Spicy Guava  175
Guava with red chilli and lime on crushed ice
Tropical Salsa  175
Fresh pineapple, strawberry, coconut & mint all iced up
Green Peace  185
Juicy green apple blended with crisp lettuce and cantaloupe melon
Summer Holiday  185
Peach & Apricot mist with mint and lime
Sapphire Snow  185
Blue Slushie
Sapphire Snow  185
Blue Slushie
Virgin Pina Colada  210
All-time favourite - loaded with coconut cream and pineapple
Mango Melon  210
Tropical melon and mango with a hint of ginger – absolutely delicious
Very Very Berry  245
A rich, all-berry shake – truly fruity and creamy
A Date to Remember  245
Dates, Figs and creamy vanilla blended to chill
Blueberry Smoothie  255
Fruit and cream singing with blueberries
Coffee Toffee  255
Chocolate, butterscotch blended with fresh coffee and vanilla
Natural Water  100
Bottled Water  50
Soft Beverages
Aquafina 100
Red Bull Energy Drink 75
Diet Pepsi 75
Schweppes Tonic 75
Lounge Ginger Ale 75
Pepsi / 7 up / Mirinda 60
Fresh Juices  135
Sweet Lime / Pineapple / Watermelon / Orange
Packaged Juices  125
Orange / Pineapple / Guava / Cranberry / Mango / Apple / Tomato